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Leadership made simple

We build confident leaders via hands-on training and one-to-one coaching

What's included in the course

Our expert trainer is a Chartered Manager and an ILM certified Executive Coach. 

  • 8 hours training (2 hours every Saturday for 4 weeks)

  • Time-saving checklists and templates

  • 3 hours 1-2-1 coaching (across 2 sessions)

  • Certificate on course completion

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Course contents


What leadership is

Learn what makes a great leader. Understand the purpose, mandate and nature of leadership by applying it to your unique situation. 

Why it matters

You're steward of the company's most important investment: people. You're the team's compass and its source of fuel.

Motivating people

Acquaint yourself with the basics of what people need, before learning what inspires them to go above and beyond.

Enabling performance

Master how to set meaningful goals and to use feedback, coaching and mentoring to help your team achieve them.

Building teams

Tune into the ingredients of great teamwork, such as trust, commitment and the courage to speak out. Learn how to build and maintain these powerful dynamics.

Leadership styles

Consciously choose the right approach for the right situation from a spectrum of authority through to complete freedom. Build your own style over time.

Measuring your progress

From keeping a journal to finding a mentor or engaging your employees to agreeing what "good" looks like with your manager; we'll keep you on track towards leadership success.

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Happy customers

I finally feel like I really understand leadership and what exactly makes someone a great manager. This course gave me the tools I needed and I can honestly say I now manage a very happy, successful team.

Rick Pearce

Patrick Mawhood is amazing and I can't thank him enough. Before I did this course I felt really insecure about taking on a leadership role. Patrick has given me the confidence and tools I so needed. Today I love managing my team.

Anna Mitchell

Straight to the point, hands on course. Excellent tips and advice and I especially liked the motivation bit, that has really worked for my team.

Martin Green

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