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We believe the world needs better leaders (and more of them!). Motivating people, building cohesive teams and enabling peak performance are not easy skills to master but they are vital to business success.  Skilled Leaders provide a unique blend of training and one-to-one coaching to help new and existing managers to lead with confidence.   

Patrick Mawhood
Patrick Mawhood
Course Leader & Coach

Over the last 10 years Patrick has built successful teams at Sky, Reuters Media and RELX Group. He has led managers, technologists and commercial specialists to deliver complex and challenging outcomes such as business transformation, new product launches and large-scale innovation.


As a Chartered Manager and a Certified Executive Coach, Patrick has a remarkable flare for developing individuals and how they work with each other. He has 100+ endorsements and numerous recommendations for Leadership and Management on LinkedIn.

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Jenny Mawhood
Marketing Manager & Course Co-ordinator

Jenny is a marketing specialist, project manager and web designer with 20 years' experience across start ups, agencies and multinational businesses. She's worked on 100s of successful marketing projects for the domestic as well as European market. 

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