Course contents

Key principles & practices of leadership

In this course we combine virtual training and role-play with one-to-one coaching for a powerful mix of theory and hands-on practice.

Learning outcomes

What leadership is

Identify the purpose of your organisation and your team. Pinpoint your team’s mandate and understand the difference between management and leadership.

  • Purpose

  • Mandate

  • Focus of leadership 

  • Focus of management

Why leadership matters

Acknowledge how leadership helps to maximise a company’s investment in people.

  • Setting direction

  • Supporting results

Motivating people

Evaluate and support your team’s basic needs. Create an environment that inspires people to be their very best by granting autonomy, acknowledging progress and recognising accomplishment. 

  • The hierarchy of needs

  • Meaningful work

  • Autonomy

  • Goals, progress and accomplishment

  • Recognition

  • Reward

Enabling performance

Set goals that develop people and progress the company. Give constructive feedback and use coaching to raise awareness and foster independence. Understand when and how to appraise performance.

  • Goals

  • Feedback

  • Coaching & mentoring

  • Appraisals

  • Career development

Building teams

Effectively assign roles and responsibilities.A the behaviours that make teams win: trust, open debate, commitment, holding each other accountable and results-over-egos. Pinpoint and adapt to the phases of a team’s development. Prepare and deliver successful gatherings with the right purpose and at the right times.  

  • Assigning roles & responsibilities 

  • Foundational behaviours

  • Team development phases

  • Gatherings

Leadership styles

Maximise empowerment but consciously choose when to exert control. Adapt your style to the situation and circumstances. Develop your own personality as a leader.

  • Control vs. empower

  • Adapting to circumstances

  • Your leadership personality and preferences

Measuring your progress

Use a diary to keep track of your experiences. Enable anonymous input from your team on a range of engagement topics. Structure effective feedback sessions with your own manager, peers and team members. Embed the cycle of act/reflect/refine across all your leadership activities and behaviours.

  • Diaries

  • Anonymous engagement

  • 360 feedback

  • Act, reflect & refine

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