Terms & Conditions 


For bookings made on or after May 21st 2020.  

Skilled Leaders is a trading name of Mawhood & Mawhood Limited (Company No. 09715485). The Terms and Conditions set out below and our Privacy Policy together constitute the legal agreement between you and Mawhood & Mawhood Limited relating to the provision of leadership training courses and coaching.  

Fee and payment 

The fee to attend a course or a coaching session must be paid in full at the time of booking via our website (https://www.skilledleaders.co.uk/book-online). Mawhood & Mawhood Limited has the right to not accept a booking. If a booking is not accepted, a full refund will be made. 

Cancellations by customer 

The customer must advise Mawhood & Mawhood Limited of a cancellation in writing. If a customer does not advise of a cancellation in writing before the date of the training course or coaching session, no fees will be refunded unless: 


The customer decides to cancel after participating in the first session of a series of training and/or coaching sessions that were purchased in a single transaction. In this event, a pro rata refund for the remainder of the sessions will be made to the customer.  


If a customer can no longer attend a training course or coaching session, they can nominate another person to attend the same training course or coaching session in their place. This will incur no charge. This does not apply to individual sessions within a packaged training course taking place over multiple weeks. In this event, only the whole training course can be transferred to another person.  

Cancellations by provider 

Mawhood & Mawhood Limited has the right to cancel a training course or coaching session  after acceptance of bookings and payments. In this event Mawhood & Mawhood Limited will reimburse in full any fees paid and Mawhood & Mawhood Limited’s liability will be limited to the value of the course fees paid. 

Rescheduling by provider 

Mawhood & Mawhood Limited has the right to reschedule training courses (either entire courses or individual sessions within packaged courses) or coaching sessions after acceptance of bookings and payments.  

a) Training courses 

Mawhood & Mawhood Limited will endeavour to reschedule the training course or training session within a packaged course at a time and date that is convenient to the majority of customers. In the event that the new time(s) and date(s) are not suitable for an individual customer then a full refund will be provided by Mawhood & Mawhood Limited for any training courses (or parts thereof) that have not yet been provided. Mawhood & Mawhood Limited’s liability will be limited to the value of the course fees paid and the proportion thereof which has not been delivered.  

b) Coaching sessions 

Mawhood & Mawhood Limited will reschedule the coaching session at a time and date that is mutually convenient to the coach and customer notwithstanding the following restriction. 

Non-redemption of pre-paid coaching sessions 

When coaching sessions are purchased as part of a combined training course and coaching package, the customer has 12 months from the end of the training course to redeem the coaching sessions. No refund will be made to the customer if the coaching sessions are not redeemed within 12 months.  

Third parties or licensed content providers 

Mawhood & Mawhood Limited accept no liability for any Skilled Leaders content that is supplied via third party platforms or licensed content providers. These terms and conditions are restricted to training courses and coaching that is supplied directly to the customer under the trading name Skilled Leaders.  

Personal data  

Any personal data supplied by the customer can be processed by Mawhood & Mawhood Limited on the legal bases and for the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy, which is freely available here: https://www.skilledleaders.co.uk/privacy-policy